Thursday, December 17, 2009


Well, once again it has been a long time since I have posted any thing about us. Clay is still working. He quite building houses for Ryan (EastSide Construction), and is now doing jobs on his own. He is also in the process of trying to buy more cows! I am just working and keeping myself busy with school. It is going ok... not my favorite thing to do, but i guess its what I have to do. I am working at the hospital in Montpelier and I am loving it!
Thanksgiving was wonderful. My grandma and Grandpa Hopkins came home on NOvember 1st from their 3 year mission. They were serving in Montedevideo Uraguay as temple presidents. (This is the grandpa that married me to my husband!), So we had Thanksgiving in Utah with my moms whole family. It was good to see everybody and especially have my grandparents home... for now anyway. This is their 3rd mission totaling 8 years out of the country... so who knows how long they will stick around.
Now we are just getting ready for Christmas. I am planning on getting my shopping done on Saturday... Yes I have hardly started! We don't know what our plans are yet, but hopefully we will be home for the holidays.
Also some other good and new news... We bought a home (in September :)- we are loving our place... it is a single wide trailer- 3 bedrooms and 2 baths- it has three acres of land, corrals, 2 barns, and yes... a big field- the perfect place for an arena! It has enough room to set a full set of barrels in there, but clay is just making sure it is long enough to bulldog in. Its nice having our own place and not having to rent.
Anyway... I will try and be better about keeping things up-to-date.

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  1. It's about time you updated your blog!!! It's good to hear you guys are doing good. We miss seeing you guys. Andy wants to know if Clay has been hanging out with Wyatt???? HA HA We are pretty sure you know what we mean!! Merry Christmas, and we hope to see ya sometime!!